What is Defamation?

Defamation occurs when a person communicates through spoken and written words, images or other means, that negatively reflect on another’s reputation.

MBS partner Rob Miller is a defamation specialist with 45 years of experience
advising newspapers and individuals suing or being sued for defamation.

Modern Media and defamation

Recent times have seen an explosive increase in defamation with the proliferation of the internet and unrestrained blogs, forums, social media and email.

It has become one of the most complex and demanding areas of law, both in Australia and internationally.

Defamation via traditional media, radio TV and newspapers, is in most instances a momentary affliction compared to what victims perceive as irrepressible online lies via the internet.

The publication of defamatory statements and personal images on the internet not only affect your reputation, but they can do so for a very long time once they are indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Bing.

If a publication has hurt your reputation or business or you are being sued for defamation it is vital that you receive sophisticated advice and representation from a specialist defamation solicitor. Call Rob Miller for assistance.

Internet risks and business

The Internet poses risks for business owners. Firstly, if someone doesn’t like you or your company, they can tell the world in an instant– through a website article, on MySpace, in a blog, or a chat room. Anytime someone Googles your name, up pop the comments… forever – unless you take action. Secondly, if you have your own company website, you need to be careful not to defame anyone. Not only through online content that you prepare, but also user-generated content like blogs and feedback portals. You are the publisher, and you are responsible for what’s on your website.

MBS helps businesses to proactively risk manage media engagement.

Expert advice

Rob Miller is one of the elite few lawyers in Queensland who knows everything about defamation.

While the majority of Rob Miller’s work involves defending contested proceedings, where appropriate, he uses non-court methods to resolve disputes.

He has been involved in numerous Court actions acting for either plaintiff or defendant in the Queensland Supreme and District Courts including the Queensland Court of Appeal.

Due to the reach of media content, the impacts of defamation can be cross border or overseas. Rob’s international defamation experience is invaluable to those being sued for defamation or the victim of defamation.

Rob provides defamation defence and advice to clients all around Australia, including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns.

MBS has the capacity to protect a client’s interests throughout a network of associated expertise in all jurisdictions in Australia.

Legal services to the media

Many decades advising a range of influential Australian media clients have cemented a compelling understanding of the media industry. MBS has in the past represented media clients in relation to:
• defamation litigation
• pre-publication advice 24/7
• contempt litigation
• suppression orders
• media access to court rooms
• access to court documentation
• litigation concerning published material
• online content regulation
• liability and risk management
• media reporting restrictions